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Vincent Mangano


Vincent Mangano

Vince Mangano, an Angelo State University graduate (MBA), spent most of his career as an executive in the banking and transportation industry.  During his career he has been credited with developing several new and innovative products integrating digital technologies into labor and paper intensive applications.  Vince is credited with developing the first laptop loan origination system for the mortgage industry.  In addition to his lending career accomplishments, he has patents in both transportation and retail applications.  In addition, Vince has owned several businesses in both food related industry and consulting to the transportation industry.  His clients have been both nationally recognized brands as well as locally recognized brands.

After 25 years, Vince relocated back to San Angelo, TX and has been teaching at the Angelo State University, Norris-Vincent College of Business since spring of 2011.  His passion for sharing life experiences and technical knowledge makes teaching his career of choice.  Vince has worked in partnership with his local SBDC office in developing various curriculums to bring experiential forms of learning to the university’s business curriculum.  Most recently Vince Mangano has worked the ASU-SBDC to forge a citywide competition that bridges the city’s Development Office, the university’s College of Business, and the local SBDC office.  As an educator he is an advocate of taking students out of the classroom and into the field.  He has been recognized by the University and community for both teaching and service.

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