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Mechelle Reed


Mechelle Reed

Why I am apart of MANOAs president of the local unit of the NAACP Unit 6219, I am apart of MANO because it aligns with the mission of the NAACP to educate, empower and by advancing policies and practices that expand human and civil rights and to develop partnerships in the community for all people of color.   I am so excited about all the great things this organization is going to do in San Angelo and beyond.

Bio: Joyce Mechelle Grooms Reed, President of the local unit 6219 of the NAACP 2023-2024, Member of the Leadership San Angelo Alumni Association Board, and recent graduate of the 39th Leadership San Angelo class. I am employed by Angelo State University as an Academic Coach/Early Alert Coordinator. Married to Apostle Mitchell A. Reed, mother, and grandmother.

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